Why is this Shiba Inu our favorite cuddly plush toy?

Because this Kawaii Shiba Inu Plush Toy is

  • √ Soft to the touch
  • √ A cuddly companion
  • √ Great gift for Shiba lovers

This SHIBA INU plush looks so cute and is ultra huggable. With its softness and its little paws, it is the perfect companion to keep your home cozy and welcoming

Why Shiba Inu Plush Toy is everyone's favourite - Cuddly Shiba Inu Plush Toys

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  • Soft plush toys made of high quality plush fabrics is very soft
  • Filler is high quality PP cotton that is really comfortable to hold


  • 15.7 “(40cm), 19.6″(50cm).


  • Suitable for bedroom, living room, family, office, etc.
I'm a Pillow & a Toy​ - Shiba Inu Plush Toys

I'm Soft & Chubby

I’m super soft, chubby, cute, & adorable! I’m very elastic, so you can hold me, pressure me, and when you are in a bad mood, you can hit me.

Everyone Loves Me - Shiba Inu Plush Toys

I'm a Pillow & a Toy

Children loves to play with me. You can unfold me into a fuzzy pillows for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time

I'm Soft & Chubby - Shiba Inu Plush Toys

Everyone Loves Me

Kids, teens, & even adults love me. I can help ease work fatigue and give you a relaxing moment. I’m the best gift for children, couples and friends.

Happy Owners of Our Cuddly Plush Toy

Shiba Inu photo review
This came squished down for space, after leaving it out overnight it was fluffed right back up. It is a great size for my soon to be 7 yo granddaughter. She loves it for naps and watching TV. She is too young to know about anime but she loves dogs so the pillow is extra special for her. So soft and comfortable.
Shiba Inu photo review
So for a young girl who likes dogs, this very soft Corgi who she can squeeze very tight cause he's soft and squishy. She adores it. So I'm kinda giving this item 2 more stars cause she loves it and it makes her happy. Might eventually have to buy another one cause that will probably get SO dirty but at least then I can take the stuffing out about double on the next one? haha. If its for a stuffed animal for a child, yea they should love it. The zipper is good for taking out the stuffing for cleaning or adding more? I'm not sure but either way, good to have in the end.
Shiba Inu photo review
My husband kept sending me photos of this angry little guy he had seen all over social media and I knew we just had to get him. One week later, Chonk came into our lives and has been entertaining us ever since. He first came all wrapped up in a tight little ball and after a day or two he got super big and fluffy. You have to fluff his lil legs every now and then but other than that he is very low maintenance. He has been our favorite Amazon purchase thus far!
Shiba Inu photo review
It is larger than expected! It's really cute and we were all surprised by it
Shiba Inu photo review
The dog is a lovely. The quality is very good, the fabric is super soft and the details are embroidered. You can add padding but this perfect. It's bigger than I thought. I was surprised at its size, but it's beautiful. My boyfriend was fascinated, excellent service!


Most frequent questions and answers

It is because the shiba has its own feeling. Maybe it wants to play outside but its mom didn’t allow. So it needs someone to pet him 🙂

It will just un-wrinkles itself over time once it’s fluffed out
Yes. There is a zipper on the plush, so you can take out the cotton and wash the case
The stuffing is already in the plush. It is just vacuum sealed and compact. Once you remove it from the vacuum seal, it puffs up

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